First Look: The Colt Piston M4 and new Stock


Kit Up! got to take a test drive of the Colt gas piston M4 variant at the SHOT show media day that also had the company's newly designed collapsible folding stock.

A la the SCAR stock, this Colt variant folds over and the buttstock pivots to align with the receiver to slicken out the profile for jumpers, vehicle operators and aviators. The stock has plenty of adjustments and shoots just as well as the current collapsible version.

Also, the rifle fires basically the same as a gas M4 as far as this desk jockey is concerned. So if the Army calls for a piston M4, Colt's got a system ready that works.

I did shoot some video of the stock that I'll post as soon as I can, but I just wanted to push the basic gouge now so you can take a look.

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