Barrett Announces Commercial MRAD Rifle


Kit Up! gave you some exclusive video a few months ago from the Association of the US Army convention of the Barrett Multi-Role Adaptive Design sniper rifle.

At the time, the rifle was in development for law enforcement and military customers, but this week the family-owned company famous for the iconic SASR .50cal boomer announced they were releasing the MRAD onto the commercial market.

This rifle joins a roster of precision rifles chambered in one of the most popular sniper rounds: the 338 Lapua.

Adaptable to any user, the MRAD has a length-of-pull that can be set to five different positions with the push of a single button and a consistent rifle-to-user interface is achieved with an adjustable cheek piece. Any possible combination of day or night optics can be accommodated with the 27.5-inch, 30 moa optic rail, and the match-grade trigger module is drop-fire-proof, adjustable and easily accessed for maintenance. Both thumb-operated safety and ambidextrous magazine release can be used intuitively while retaining a firing grip and cheek weld.

We shot some great video of the rifle at AUSA and Barrett put out a very detailed one we ran here as well.


Not sure if this answers our SEAL friend's mail (it is a bolt gun after all) but it's sure a good start on modernizing the precision rifle class.

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