Army Draft RFP for Improved Carbine


The Army has moved one step closer to replacing the current M4 carbine by releasing an initial request for proposals from industry for a so-called "improved carbine."

There are no specifics on caliber, performance or configuration except that the service wants a rifle that can engage...

...enemy combatants with a highly reliable weapon system throughout the range of military operations and environments.

The rifle will have to be able to use current accessories, like IR pointers, lasers and grips and optics and leverage "commercial technology advancements" in carbine manufacture and design.

And here's the kicker:

The IC requirements support future system enhancements for accuracy, lethality, reliability, signature suppression, ammunition improvements, maintenance and other weapon/accessory technologies.

So this addresses the concerns over fouling and lethality that have been pushed by some lawmakers in Congress. It's also interesting to see the "signature suppression" requirement in there.

The Army says it will hold an industry day in March to brief gun makers on the specifics of the requirement and timeline.

(Thanks to FormerDirtDart for the gouge)

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