Army Considering Women in Infantry


href="">class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2641"title="females-in-army-combat-unit"src=""alt="" width="600" height="346" /> Red meat for theKit Up! crew... Just thought I'd href="">drawyour attention to the story we're running on the front page this morning...

The Armyis studying whether to open combat arms units to female Soldiers,the Army's top officer said Jan. 6. "We're looking at revising thepolicy," Gen. George W. Casey Jr. told a breakfast gathering of theAssociation of the U.S. Army in Arlington, Va. "We've had some workgoing on for a while, and that'll double back up to the secretary,I would think, in the next couple of months." Women are currentlybarred from infantry, armor and Special Forces branches, Caseysaid. He did not say whether the Army is considering opening up allthree areas to women, but he did say the study looked at thepossibility of women in infantry.
I see lots ofproblems with this. But what about tanks and armor? Could that be aproblem for women? I can understand the "humping an M240B up amountain and engaging in a three-hour firefight" argument forinfantry. But even Special Forces. If you can do the qualificationcourse, should it matter if you're a man or woman? Are there jobswithin the combat arms branches that are less physical that womencould fill? I just don't know...but it's at least worth anintelligent conversation about it... I've seen pretty burly femaledoor gunners in Marine Corps 46s. I've been on week-long patrolswith female HHC Soldiers tagging along for female civilian searchesgetting into firefights during ambushes and holding their own. ButI've never seen one kick in a door... First women in fighters andattack planes. Now women on subs. Is it inevitable? src=""type="text/javascript"> href="">Should the Army Openthe Combat Arms Branches to Women?style="font-size:9px;">href="">onlinesurveys
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