Taking Aim: XM2010 Fails the Operator Test


While I'm a fan of the 300 Win Mag platform and used it extensively in my career as a Navy SEAL sniper, the main issue I have with the Army's new sniper rifle is magazine capacity and lack of cross functionality. 

Cross functionality just doesn't exist with traditional bolt action rifles and there doesn't seem to be much of anything new with the Army's new rifle other than an increase in range with the 300.  I'm not sure it's worth the trade off and the short barrel life that comes with the 300.

As a sniper I want adaptability out of a rifle and the following: -Has to be sub minute of angle in accuracy -Semi auto (bolt actions are reliable but a thing of the past) -Minimum 20 round magazine capacity -Suppressed -800 yard range (most 308's can accomplish this) -Variable power scope 5-20 power with a red dot on top (for close quarters)

I know there are some holdouts with regards to bolt action rifles and their reliability. But in a firefight, a bolt action rifle just doesn't cut it.  The modern semi autos such as the H&K PSG1 and MSG 90A1 (mostly European unfortunately) are insanely reliable and accurate.

The acquisition process across DOD is not very functional and often times wastes a lot of time and money getting operators outdated equipment without taking into account end user feedback.  This rifle seems to prove the point.

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