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Restrepo on Netflix


Just a heads up that Sebastian Junger and Tim Heatherington's incredible film on the year long deployment of a company from the 173rd in the Korengal valley of Afghanistan is now available for online streaming at Netflix.

Restrepo did a run at local art theaters in major cities like New York and DC and had a run on National Geographic a couple weeks ago. But for those of you with a Netflix membership, you can watch it on your computer at will.

It's by far the best "documentary" of the Afghan war I've ever seen and covers one of the most complex battlefields in the AO. The irony of the whole thing is that the Restrepo outpost and the Korengal command post were abandoned not long after the film was put to bed.

I highly recommend watching it. But for those of you who've been there, be forwarned that it will definately bring to the surface long-buried emotions.

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