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More on the Brit Ballistic Girdle

Look, I know I wrote it sort of tongue in cheek, but though the British Army's new ballistic undies are a bit on the dorky side of things, Kit Up! received some excellent feedback on the new piece of kit.

First, our good buddy Tim S. wrote in that he'd heard the silk ballistic skivvies actually work:

Word from the US Navy Docs in Helmand a month ago was that these silk skivvies seem to work better than the US groin protector. Anecdotal only, but the Brits seem to have fewer pelvic injuries after IED blasts.
Look, as far as I'm concerned (speaking as someone who's got two friends in The Stan who endured IED hits on their vehicles and lost another to an IED in Ramadi in '06) if there's something out there lightweight and comfortable to protect against blast I'm into it -- especially something that protects the junk.

So if any of you have more perspective on this, please let us know.

Also, a big thanks to BUG who forwarded additional info from the UK MOD on the program, including some cool video and pics.

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