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During the camo industry day earlier this month, PEO Soldier's Jeff Myhre said in response to a question from an industry audience member that three-dimensional camouflage would not be considered in the Army's camo search.

He then went on to describe an intriguing sniper suit for urban hides. He talked about a tan/earth colored suit that came with various colored paints that would allow the sharpshooter to customize his camo to the surrounding environment -- be it a trash heap in Mosul, a qalat in Kunar or an apartment in Asadabad.

I queried PEO on this for further information and they told me Myhre was describing the Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit upgrade.

The GSAK upgrade Offers the Soldier improved protection from flame and thermal threats, as well as counter-surveillance protection, increased multi-climate protection, and enhanced comfort.
The kit includes FR jute material, camo dies, zip ties, nylon webbing and a gun sleeve.
The GSAK upgrade affords the Soldier enhanced agility, multisystem operability, and anti-odor/anti-microbial properties.
So now at least your stink in that Mosul dump won't give you away...

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