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Gear Review: Camelbak Vent/Heat Grip CT


You'll remember a few weeks ago that we posted on the formal debut of CamelBak's line of tactical gloves.

Well, the company sent along a couple pairs of the lightweight "vent" style gloves to the Kit Up! testers to get our opinion on whether the little grippers live up to their billing.

First of all, since we're not in the field these days and won't be slinging lead down range until SHOT and after, we didn't have the chance to put these through full milspec Op/Eval. But we did take 'em to the local range for some shotgunning and the brutal business of driving around town in the company Suburban and checking the mailbox. When I was considering how to compare the the CamelBak gloves to the ones I usually deploy with to embeds and stories in the field, I had a hard time remembering who made 'em.

All I knew was, the gloves I've been using for the last five embeds to Iraq and Afghanistan have worked awesome. They fit perfectly, they're durable, I can grab onto Strykers, Bradleys, Ospreys, MRAPs and Humvees -- not to mention jump through windows, hunker on rooftops and dig fighting holes in the desert -- without getting a scratch. Then I looked at the label and what did I see? "Southwest Motor Sports -- Heat Grip CT"...(this is the company CamelBak bought for the gloves and had just recently re-branded them to the CamelBak label)...

So, I can't speak for Joes, Grunts, Flyboys and Squids who are using these bad boys for 12 months of gritty ops in the sandbox, but I've had these CamelBak gloves for years and they've never let me down.

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