Kit Up!

Combat Skivvies for Women


 ...don't get 'em all in a wad, folks, but Kit Up! is for women too!

I'm not quite sure what to say here, but we got a note on our tip line from a company called Adaptive Notion that has designed women's underwear that you can literally rip off...

We make styles of garments for people with busy jobs, active life styles, and for those with special needs.  For instance, women in the military who have very little time to conduct personal hygiene while in the field training.  They need to be fast and thorough while standing in a portable potty big enough to turn. Women traveling long distances and need to freshen up during their trips. People with certain physical disabilities, where bending their back or legs present a major challenge.
Called Pant-Ease, the hook-and-loop attached undies come in both boy short style and briefs. They run around $10 for the boy shorts and $8 for the briefs.

The company offered me a pair to demo, but, honestly, I go commando anyway...

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