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Blackhawk Updates HPFU for OEF

Kit Up! just got the 2011 edition of the Blackhawk gear catalog, ushering in a new era for a company now under the umbrella of the Alliant Techsystems conglomerate of companies.

There's a new (ish) line of gear for first responders, including packs, tools and uniform items being offered in 2011. The company also will offer a new line of workout clothes and a new set of "duty uniforms" for the tactically-minded cop on the beat.

But the coolest new item for Kit Up! readers could be the High Performance Fighting Uniform now being offered in MultiCam/OCP.

Based on BLACKHAWK!’s High Performance Fighting Uniform success and the evolving needs of customers, BLACKHAWK! has modified the original design to create the new HPFU V.2 with Integrated Tourniquet System.  A single tourniquet is pre-positioned in the axillary area of each arm and the apex of the thigh of each leg for immediate activation by self or buddy-aid to stem blood loss in an emergency. Available in Black, Olive Drab, Desert Digital, and Multi Cam.
So that's one less tourniquet on each item, which will save weight and increase mobility. Also, the fact that this bad boy is offered in MultiCam will make it all the more appealing.

Not to be outdone, though, the company will also offer the HPFU without the life-saving tourniquet system.

BLACKHAWK! Products Group  introduces the HPFU Slick delivering all the same high-performance benefits, lightweight materials, quick-dry properties and advanced configurability found in our High Performance Fighting Uniform but without the Integrated Tourniquet System. Featuring no-melt, no-drip cotton/nylon ripstop construction, this sleek uniform offers yet another uniform option and is available in Black (solid), Olive Drab (solid), DM3 Desert Digital (camo), and Multi Cam (camo).
I can personally attest to the quality and comfort of the HPFU, having worn some of the items during my embed to Afghanistan in May. It's a great piece of gear -- now with a couple more camo and configuration options. Show Full Article

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