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Army Overwhites and Other Such Arcticality



Back when we posted our first story in the Army's family of patterns industry day, Moondog asked in the conversation that ensued whether the Army had abandoned its ability to fight in an arctic environment by concentrating on this woodland/jungle, desert/arid and transitional environmental camouflage.

Well, one of the industry attendees asked just that question of the Army officials there and basically the answer is "no."

We're going to continue with the arctic whites for snow and this effort is really focused on the three [environmental] areas we outlined.
Interestingly, there's been some buzz around the Marine Corps' Guy Cramer creations for snow environments that are digital (of course) but mix in a little loden/green in them. Pretty snazzy... 

Rumor has it some super secret OGA manhunters and their uniformed friends are snooping around certain snow covered areas looking for bad guys in these duds.

So never fear, Moondog and his ilk: the Army is gonna keep it old school when we have to fight Chosin Mark II.

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