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What's Your Favorite COTS Combat Boot?


I got a great question from a Kit Up! reader off the tip line who really needs our help.

The Kit Up! reader is in Army ROTC and needs an alternative to his issued boots. He asks us simply:

I'm a cadet with the Georgetown ROTC unit in Washington DC, I've been an avid reader of this blog since well before I signed my contract with the Army.

I've been issued two pairs of boots both of which are terrible. Other cadets have their favorite boots but they are just that: cadets.

I was wondering what privately purchased combat boot do Soldiers like to use? Which are the most comfortable?

I have no experience wearing Army-compliant combat boots since I'm a civilian, but I know that Joes and Grunts like the Oakley boots and they don't seem to get too much grief from the sergeant if they wear them. But that's in a combat zone, not in garrison.

The current boot issued to all Soldiers under AR 670-1 is the Army Combat Boot (Hot Weather).

So let's help our buddy out: Tell us your favorite after-market combat boots for the field AND your favorite ones for garrison. Hopefully we can get this young Army leader squared away.

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