Kit Up!

The James Bond M4

"Is that a million bucks in that briefcase or are you just happy to see me?"

Well, not exactly ripped from a 007 script, but after checking out this video, you'll get my point.

The Bangor, Maine-based gunmaker MGI demonstrated its "carbine in a box" Marck-15 Hydra at the National Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers show in Kentucky earlier this month.

Along the lines of that weird .22LR M4we featured last week, the Hydra takes a radical approach to portability. What I don't quite understand is the barrel/forearm attachment system, but it's hard to dispute the lickedy split assembly this weapon takes.

MGI says their Hydra is a true "modular" weapon, able to accept virtually any magazine and caliber, including 45cal, 9mm and 7.62x39.

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