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New .22 LR M4 Look Alike

So what if it has no knock down power? Who cares how impractical it must be?

It looks awesome and is probably a hoot to shoot and won't put too big a bite in your wallet for ammo.

The Chiappa Firearms M-Four pistol has a 28-round magazine and all the same controls and positions of the M-4 rifle.

This unique Chiappa .22 L.R. caliber handgun is identical to Chiappa's .22 L.R. look alike of the U.S. Military M-4 Carbine. Chaippa then eliminated the shoulder stock and shortened the barrel to 6-inches creating a new smallbore handgun.
The M-Four pistolweighs in at just over four pounds and comes in at a Lilliputian 8-inch overall length. According to Chiappa Firearms, the M-Four pistol has an official "Fun Level" of "High." Show Full Article

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