NEMO Keeps the Signal Away from Your Smart Phone


You're a covert operator driving your Hilux for a secret meet with a source who says he at lunch with bin Laden yesterday.

Folding-stock Kalashnikov? Check. Six mags? Check. Bag of cash? Check.

Secure Blackberry? Check...

Until that annoying little tone sings out. You know, the one you assigned to CINC House when she's got another "honey do" lined up for you...(I've got a ringtone of a firefight for my significant other)

Now your truck is singing like a bird and the bad guys probably know where you are.

Well, our friends from NEMO Equipmentwho make those air beam shelters came out with a way to stow your smart phone and keep the prowling eyes of electronic eavesdroppers off your signal.

The EMFX-47 is a cool looking piece of kit that makes those other dorky cellphone holders look, well, dorky... And they're made with the snake eater in mind.

Designed at the request of clandestine operatives concerned with being tracked by their cell phones or having their phones hacked, NEMO's new EMFX-47 pouch prevents transmissions to and from the phone using a specialied conductive textile lining. The conductive lining combined with NEMO's patent pending construction creates a Faraday Cage, effectively blocking the phone's radio signals.
Well, NEMO was kind enough to send me one to try out and let me tell you: it works as advertised. If you want to go off the grid fully but still carry your smart phone on the mission, drop it into one of these bomb shelters and rest easy from prowling ears.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't pick up the milk, honey. I never got your call..."

The EMFX-47 is available at and at ADS tactical for around $50.

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