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MARSOC Orders Crye Combat Uniforms in...Woodland?...


(NOTE: Above pic is MARSOC Marine in woodland MARPAT)

Strange but true...

A tipster let us onto a post at FedBizOpps from MARSOC looking for 300 Crye-made G3 combat uniforms in woodland pattern.

The Marine Special Operations Regiment intends to field 300 sets of flame resistant combat ensemble that will provide the needed level of protection, durability, comfort, and load carriage capability as dictated by our Marines’ ever expanding role in the Global War on Terrorism. This ensemble will consist of a high performance shirt and trousers with specific joint protection elements. This ensemble is intended to improve the survivability, mobility and overall performance of our Marines while exposed to a wide variety of environmental and battlefield hazards.
  1. Item 0001 - 300 each, G3 Combat Pant, NATO Woodland Print
  2. Item 0002 - 300 each, G3 Combat Shirt, NATO Woodland Print
  3. Item 0003 - 300 each, AirFlex Knee Pads, Green
  4. Item 0004 - 300 each, AirFlex Field Elbow Pads, Green
I've never seen Crye gear in woodland, but it's surely possible to make. Now the question is, what could this be for? The Corps is certainly satisfied with the Marpat woodland and desert for regular combat ops. And if they were trying to match up with their SpecOps brethren, they'd wear MultiCam.

So, my speculation is that they are relieving a USASOC unit who are embedded trainers with the Afghan commandos, or some other indig unit that wears woodland in combat operations there. It's pure speculation, but semi-informed...Any other thoughts?

(Thanks to Mike P for the gouge...and yes, I promise to do a better job of scanning the FedBizOpps site...)

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