Kit Up!

Leathernecks Dropping Houses and Kicking Doors


Well, it's the Marine Corps' 235th birthday today and our boy Glenn Anderson put together a little birthday tribute that makes you grumble a salty "urrrr" while you're watching. It shows Marines doing what they do best: kicking ass and breaking shit.

On this day I'd like to just say it's been one of the greatest honors of my career to cover the Marine Corps as a journalist. I've been all over the country with them, spent many days at boot camp and OCS, humped up hills and slept in fighting holes with them and been under attack with them. I've made great friends in the Corps and lost others in war.

But I've always known my relationship with Marines and the Corps has been one of an outsider allowed in. And it's been an honor to be given the opportunity to spend time with them and see their lives and work up close.

OooRaah Marines. Happy Birthday!


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