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A Choice on Tactical Firearms Instruction: Vickers vs Magpul

I'm a big fan of for Delta door kicker Larry Vickers and am happy to see he's parlayed his experience into a profitable gun, accessory and instruction business. He's been a good source for a close friend of mine over the years and could not have been more engaging when I introduced myself and chatted with him at last year's SHOT show.

Well, he's taking his instruction business to a new level with the release of a series of videos on carbine shooting tactics. Below is a teaser for his latest product and we hear he's coming out with a pistol tactics series soon as well.

What makes Vickers exceptional is his pedigree -- there's no argument that Delta operators are some of the best shooters in the world bar none. So it stands to reason you'd want one of those guys teaching you how to wield your boom stick. But the other thing that makes his program seemingly unique is his folksy approach. One of the walk off lines from the video teaser says it all: "these are all blue collar, working man videos. That's what I'm known for and that's what you're gonna get. I guarantee yah, you'll dig 'em."

This sets up an interesting contrast with the other newish kid on the block who's taken a decidedly radical approach to their image -- the dudes from Magpul.

You watch some of the teasers from their videos (Art of Dynamic Shotgun, handgun and carbine variants) and it's a decidedly younger, slicker, more radical approach. Now I've never taken a course from either of them and would love to, but they clearly draw from the different personalities and backgrounds of their primary instructors.

So, after setting up this little contrast, let's see what Kit Up! readers think:

You've got some unit training funds to spend on sharpening your skills. Who's program would you prefer?survey software

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