Trauma Pack in a Bag


When I went through hostile environments training a few years ago, the idea of a "trauma pack" was still in its infancy.

The veteran Brit Marines and SAS types who taught the class were pretty proud of themselves that they'd come up with a customized pack of wound dressings that pretty much took care of everything outside a severed limb (and maybe even then) for that initial first aid. It was packaged in a ZipLock bag that fit in your pants cargo pocket and the boys told us to carry this at all times wherever we went.,

Well now, someone decided to market something similar and updated it with some new medical technology that meets E-room-like requirements. The Trauma Readiness Pack developed by Extreme Shock Ammo has all the stuff those security instructors told us to put in our homemade packs and much more.

The TRP is an emergency care pack that offers far more than the traditional first aid kit. The TRP includes one 3.5×3.5” 25 g. NTOA approved QuikClot first response hemostatic sponge, one latex-free 18×1” tourniquet, one 2” latex-free compression wrap, one 18” red trauma tape strip and one 5×9” sterile trauma pad. These components are recommended by physicians and first response personnel and can help save a life if a traumatic injury occurs.

The package itself is vacuum-sealed and features a sure grip texture to improve handling and offer easy-open access even in dark and/or wet conditions. The package is airtight, sterile, waterproof, non-reflective, compact, soft and silent.

Unfortunately, the web site for the product is down, so I won't include the link here. But for those of us who don't get this kind of stuff supplied to us from Uncle Sam when we're in the zone, the Trauma Readiness pack might be a good piece of kit to have in our pockets with the poop hits the fan. Not a bad little bit of insurance for $25. Show Full Article
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