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Natural Fire Solutions Takes the Heat Out of Flame


Our boy Glenn Anderson caught up with the folks from Natural Fire Solutions at their booth at Modern Day Marine last week.

He saw a guy wielding a blow torch trying with little avail to set several Marpat uniforms alight and thought, "what's up with this guy?"


Apparently, NFS has developed is distributing a fire-inhibiting compound that can be used to treat everything from your cammies to that Naugahyde Barcalounger your wife wants to dump in the back alley.

All natural materials protected with AF-21 will char (carbonize) when subjected to high heat, but they will not ignite, burn or spread flame, and thermal transfer is also greatly reduced.

Plastic products are a major carrier of fire. In addition to the toxic fumes they produce, they burn and melt, dripping flaming droplets onto other surfaces and materials in the room. Many plastics can also be treated with AF-21, causing them only to MELT, but NOT FLAME; the release of toxic fumes are diminished and the spread of fire will be inhibited.

  • Prevents the spread of fire
  • Eliminates afterglow
  • Treated materials are classified as a Class 0, non-flammable
  • Ease of application (spraying, padding, dipping, brushing or fogging); 1 litre covers 8-10 square metres. Does not affect the look, feel, smell or colour of the treated items
It's a pretty amazing alternative to Nomex or other fabric-based options to the flash fire problem of IEDs and vehicles. Check out the video and see how the NSF engineer holds his hand behind the fabric without melting through his palm...unbelievable! Show Full Article

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