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Get Drinking Water from Your Window Unit


Our good friend Matt Cox found this product at the AUSA show and passed along his writeup.

Dubbed the Water-Gen Generator, the unit looks a bit like a window-mounted air conditioner and can literally suck the moisture out of the air and turn it into drinking water.

The water generator is based on civilian technology, but is much smaller and more robust to deal with the extreme conditions on the battlefield, Water-Gen officials said.

The 120-pound system extracts water from ambient air and is capable of creating 12.6 gallons in 24 hours at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 percent humidity.

Designed by Israeli special forces soldier Arye Kohavi and made in Israel, the Water-Gen can be mounted on the back hatch of a fighting vehicle or Humvee and produce enough water to nourish the crew as long as the engine runs or the battery is charged.

WaterGen Movie from Dreams & Magic Ltd on Vimeo.

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