GD Builds a Grenade Machine Gun That Fits on Your Back



We've spoken a couple times here on the issue of crew-served firepower at the platoon and company level. At least in the Marine Corps (I'm not 100 percent sure with the Army) the Weapons Platoons are battalion assets and carry the Mk-19 grenade machine gun as part of their inventory.

But the only infantry company/platoon grenade slinging asset is the 203. Right now, the Army has no grenade machine gun that can be toted into combat ops other than one mounted on a vehicle.

Well, General Dynamics has an answer to the Mk-19 portability equation with their advanced Mk-47 lightweight 40mm grenade machine gun. Kit Up! and our sister site Defense Tech took a look at a new portability solution for the weapon developed by GD: a two-person load carriage system that takes the 40 pound gun and puts it on your back (the Mk-19 weighs 77 pounds).


It'll be interesting to see if the Army takes another look at the Mk-47. We've reported that the service has put great hope into the XM-25 airburst weapon. But one wonders if that weapon shows technical flaws in its test with SF in Afghanistan, maybe the Army will look at more approachable technologies like the Mk-47.

If anyone has any experience with the Mk-47 or the XM-25 please weigh in here.

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