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CamelBak Intros Glove Line


Most people, of course, think of hydration systems when they hear the name CamelBak.

But at this year's Association of the US Army show in DC, the company formally debuted its line of tactical gloves. CamelBak's manufacture of gloves isn't exactly new, explains government sales specialist Garrett Podesta -- the company purchased Southwest Motor Sports back in 2007, a company than specialized in FR flight, mechanic and combat gloves.

It wasn't until very recently that the company known worldwide for its innovative hydration bladders decided to brand their glove line with the CamelBak name.

Podesta says what makes CamelBak's gloves unique is that each model is engineered around the mold of a hand holding a tool or weapon or flight control. The gloves fit tight and are designed to have very good dexterity, he said.

"We want you to be able to remove a magazine, unclip a buckle or tap a keyboard without having to remove the gloves," he told me.

In a market seemingly saturated with gloves from Oakley to 5.11, Podesta is bullish on his company's line.

"We're going after contracts at the government level and the unit level," he said.

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