Barrett Unveils New Multi-Role Adaptive Design Sniper Rifle


Though the name "Barrett" has become synonymous with the .50 cal, bolt action sniper rifle that's fast become a Hollywood mainstay and combat performer alike, the company announced the debut of a new rifle at this year's Association of the US Army show in DC.

Called the Multi-Role Adaptive Design sniper rifle, or MRAD, the rifle looks a lot like the stripped-down design of the M82 SASR, but is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, a popular mid-range round advocates say the Army should have gone with for its XM2010 instead of the .300 WinMag. The MRAD incorporates all the latest rail, buttstock, barrel modularity and magazine volume designs and molds it into a bolt-action chassis.

Our boy Glenn Anderson got a short brief on the new rifle at the show so be sure to check out his video below.


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