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Sound Suppressors For Varmints

Not sure if many Kit Up! readers are aware, but recently launched a product that will help keep our off duty readers and other enthusiasts up to date on the latest hunting and fishing news and features.

We understand that a good portion of troops spend some off duty time back in the woods in pursuit of game and fish, so we've teamed up with a great group of writers and reporters to bring you some fun content about the outdoors.

One of the things we've noticed is the confluence of the AR rifle platform and "off duty" activities such as recreational shooting and, increasingly, hunting...In fact, I'm headed down to a deer hunt in South Carolina next month and will be using a Remington 7.62 AR -- the first time I've ever used one for a hunt.

Well, I thought I'd throw out there a story we're running on flash hiders and sound suppressors for the civilian AR user and see what our readers think about the current technology of supressors and their application to hunting.

One situation that is perfect for sound suppressors is predator/varmint control in urban and suburban areas. The urban varmint hunter works at hours when others close by are sleeping or watching a late movie. Mainstream media and the non-hunting public equate loud noise from a firearm to danger. Also, a suppressor will frequently allow acquisition of multiple targets without them spooking. A properly constructed sound suppressor will reduce the sound so it is no longer recognizable as a gunshot, clearing the way to get the job at hand done.

One of the biggest complaints with using a suppressor is the need to re-zero each time the suppressor is installed, however, new technology has taken the method the suppressor is attached to the barrel to new extremes that also ensure accuracy repeatability.

Kind of like the SureFire supressors that don't require a re-zero...

But is the use of suppressors in the civilian market just a fringe thing, or are they a really useful and worthwhile accessory to have for your "off duty" AR?

Be sure to read the entire story on supressors and muzzle brakes for civilian ARs and read the rest of the great hunting and fishing content on's Outdoor Channel.

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