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Make an Ops Core Helment out of your ACH


BAE Systems has some pretty cool kit coming out of their Eclipse Performance Gear division and we had a chance to talk to a couple program managers at this year's Modern Day Marine show out at Quantico.

We'll be looking at their new modular body armor solution for the Army and an interesting portable power system, but first I wanted to show you their new Helmet Accessory Platform.

Basically this thing is a lightweight bracket that can attach both to the helmet in the raw and to a helmet wearing a camouflage cover. It provides a variety of attachment points for a wide range of gizmos even the straightest leg Joes are apt to hang on their helmet.  

The HAP was designed to provide a stable platform to secure gear such as nightvision goggles and counterweights, lights, cameras and IR beacons. The system incorporates a universal NVG mount, NVG lanyard and NVG cover holder that accepts both Wilcox and Norotos hardware.

The unique ear mounts provide a tight, positive retention of integrated goggles as well as an oxygen mask receptacle for use during HAHO/HALO jumps–eliminating the need for a secondary helmet for these missions. Two picatinny rails allow for lights, camera and other hardware attachment. The HAP system also includes cable management to secure communication wires.

The HAP uses existing chin strap holes to attach, so no scary drilling through thick Kevlar to mount the thing.

In a sense, the HAP can turn your run of the mill ACH or LWH into a full on Gucci Ops Core-style lid with all the accessory options your heart (or platoon sergeant) can handle. And at $150, it's a lot more approachable than the Ops Core ballistic helmet solution at nearly $900.

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