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Larry Vickers Goes Franchise

Larry Vickers, former Delta door kicker and latter day TV star has branched out with his much-sought-after training by certifying specific instructors to teach the Vickers Shooting Method nationwide.

After careful consideration I have decided to allow select prior students of mine to teach basic level pistol and carbine classes under the Vickers Shooting Method (VSM) banner. These students have demonstrated a firm grasp of the key marksmanship fundamentals and in fact all of them have attended multiple Vickers Tactical classes taught by me. Many of them are teaching classes already on a local level but this new program is designed to get them exposure from my website and direct new or basic level shooters to them in order to get these students up to speed and ready to take a level 1 class from me. Initially only a handful of regionally endorsed instructors will be authorized to use the VSM logo in their basic classes but I expect the program to grow as time goes on and more qualified candidates become available.
Vickers is a good dude and a bad ass shooter and it's cool to see this mini-franchising deal grow his business and brand. I respect his philosophy which stresses accuracy first and foremost (even though I can't ever seem to live up to that standard myself) and respect for every round that you put down range. We wish him all the best.

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