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It's Not an AR...But It Sure Looks Like One

Last week I had the opportunity to spend the day with a technology I'd heard a lot about, but never spent any time tinkering with.

A good friend of mine clued me into a new company called Kodabow which makes a crossbow that takes a radical break from what most Kit Up! readers might have seen. This new crossbow is a no joke "tactical" weapon borrowing from AR platforms and firearm mechanics.


The CEO of Kodabow, Chuck Matasic, is a Navy veteran and 1975 Academy grad who looked for any excuse to drive down to Quantico or Belvoir to hunt deer back in the day. Over several years in the outdoor sports industry, Matasic leveraged his sources in the firearms world to build a crossbow that looks more at home in HALO  than Agincourt.

Except for the curved carbon fiber limbs, you’d think it was a combat rifle.

The ported aluminum fore-end. The AR-15-style pistol grip. The Picatinny rails running down every angle of the bolt retainer. An adjustable M4 buttstock. You name it, all the Gucci furniture an AR-lover would want can be attached.

In fact, the crossbow comes with a vertical foregrip or a Magpul-like angled fore grip. The scope, light and optics that could be mounted to the chassis are limitless.

Though designed for hunting, Matasic admits he's had some interest from the snake eater community in his crossbow. The thing can be broken down into a shoebox-sized package and re-assembled in 15 minutes. It's accurate as hell and a breeze to shoot.

I don't know how many Kit Up! readers are hunters as well, but for pure enjoyment of shooting and aesthetics, the Kodabow crossbow might be of some serious interest.

Check out more at Kodabow's web site.

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