Grab it with a Thunder Finger!


EMA Tacticalannounced yesterday it has developed two new forward vertical grips with your Picatinny rail-equipped AR.

The Thunder Finger Vertical Grip and the TVG Three+1are designed to meet the needs of operators who like the new-ish school vertical grip technique and don't want to drop a ton of cash to make it happen.

The cool thing is that the standard TVG is small and light, allowing for a more dainty two-finger grip on the vertical, while the TVG+1 is for the rifle manhandler. 

All four fingers will fit comfortably around the contoured shape of New  Thunder Three + 1 Forward Grip with its 3.75" grip length. But if you want a shorty forward grip with only a 2" grip length choose the Thunder Three Finger Vertical Forward Grip. The 2" length of the Thunder Three Finger Grip is great as it enables you to control the firearm but presents  a smaller profile, reducing the area that could snag onto other objects and eliminating weight.
The grips feature a hollow storage compartment with screw on cap and run around $15  a pop. Show Full Article