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DEVGRU Looking for New Tactical Headsets


An alert tipster forwarded us a request for quote from the Naval Special Warfare Development Group-- aka Seal Team 6 -- asking for a cool new "bone conducting" headset for secret squirrel comms.

The RFQ asks for Atlantic Signal's MH180V Tactical Bone Conduction Headset. The company touts its headset as stereo, custom fitting and submersible to 20 meters. Bone conducting headsets have the advantage that they can be worn with various types of ear protection and the operator can still hear Lima Charlie because the sound is being transmitted through the bones of the skull, rather than directly into the ear.

Atlantic Signal lists the MH180V-AA model's advantages:

1. No Speakers or Speaker Hardware / Receive radio TX Through the Face 2. Both Ears Unobstructed to Hear Ambient Surroundings 3. Hearing Protection can be Added or Removed with No Impact to Comms 4. Microphone Features True 20 Meter Dive Element 5. Two Styles of Head Frames to Choose From 6. Ergonomically Designed Push-to-Talk Assembly 7. Custom Headset and Radio Interface Cable Lengths
DEVGRU is asking for 40 "single comm" tactical headsets and 50 "dual comm" ones with "nexus ends."

Thanks to Mike for the gouge...

(Photo: Atlantic Signal)

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