Crye Cage Plate Carrier and STKSS Going to DEVGRU Too


Following up on this morning's post on Seal Team 6 issuing an RFQ for bone conduction headsets, I dove into the FedBizOpps database to see what else the super secret frogmen were shopping for.

Well, turns out they want about 70sets of the most Gucci armor known to man: the Crye Assault Gear Plate Carrier with the whole Structural Kinetic Support System integrated into it.  There's a good write up on the CAGE plate carrier (picture at left is of the full body armor system) from our friends at Soldier Systems, but to our knowledge, this is the first report of a specific unit buying it in numbers.

The most interesting part of the order, though, is not that the DEVGRU is looking at Crye armor -- that's not surprising at all. No, what's interesting is that they're ordering the 70 sets in MultiCam.

Kit Up! readers well know that DEVGRU played a pivotal role in the development of the AOR 1 and AOR 2 camo patterns and the high-speed desigs of the trousers and combat shirts to be printed with them. In fact, Crye made a run of combat pants and shirts for various frogman teams heading to the sandbox, so it stands to reason if ST 6 wanted the CAGEs in AOR 1, Crye could make 'em.

Does this mean the highest of the high-end naval special warriors are ditching the AOR 1? Now that it's gone mainstream, maybe it's lost its panache to the hardest of the hardcore.

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