Army Fields Updated Body Armor Vest


The Army's top gear-buying office announced this week it has begun fielding an updated version of the Improved Outer Tactical Vest to Soldiers deploying to Afghanistan.

The Gen. II IOTV incorporates more than a dozen improvements over the already pretty well tricked out IOTV.

Improvements include a totally redesigned and removable yoke and collar, reversible and detachable side carriers and universal side pouch, and equipment anchor points on the front and rear which interface with items such as hydration systems and the Tactical Assault Panel or (TAP). 
Finally, the Army has fielded a vest that can go from a full one moon suit for roof gunners down IED Alley to a slimmed down "operator cut" for door kickers humping into mountain qalats. And the service has an added bonus to the new vest: They're fielding it in both OCP and UCP.

The vest is also more adjustable, so anyone from Popeye to Andre the Giant can tweek it to their liking.

In addition, we’ve incorporated increased adjustability in the shoulders and hips, as well as a newly designed location for the sideplate that is now adjustable to the wearer.  All these improvements are included in the Gen-II IOTVs, including the UCP IOTVs produced since April of this year.
(A big thanks to the Dirt Dart for the tip)

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