Kit Up!

What Energy Foods Work?

Kit isn't just what you strap onto your body; it's what you put into your body.

During our time embedded with the troops in Afghanistan a few months back we noticed there were lots of energy foods laying around everywhere we went.  I actually lived on nothing more than Cliff Bars and Gatorade for a couple of days during our time with the 101st Airborne in Paktika Province.  (And I felt fine, trust me on this one . . .)  Whether sucking down gooey gels or chugging drinks that duplicate a pot of coffee's worth of caffeine in a single small can, our warriors are definitely leveraging the power of modern "nutrition" to stay trigger-tugging ready.

As anyone who's ever downed four Red Bulls in rapid succession knows, these products have an effect -- but is it a good effect?  What's worked for you?  What are your favorites and what eating process (amount, time relative to a mission) have you found worked best?

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