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RUMINT: Aussies Going MultiCam

An alert Kit Up! reader tipped us off to something he'd heard about the Australian Special Operations Task Groups, or SOTGs, going MultiCam.

Now, we already reported last week the Air Force is jumping on the OCP/MC bandwagon(talk about finally making what was "un" official "official"), and we know the Brits have made their own version of MultiCam to replace the DPM scheme.

Well, it appears as if the Aussies are following their UK brethren in adopting at least some variant of the MultiCam for themselves -- or for their snake eaters in Afghanistan.

Now, this kind of bums me out, because as far as desert camo uniforms go, I've always believed the Auscam Desert pattern was the best of all the patterns in the OEF coalition. It's got the perfect blend of old school GI Joe and new tech color swatches. As the picture above shows, the colors work well on a rocky, desert-like brush background and will blend in to all but the greenest of environments. And their woodland/jungle works just fine too when the foliage gets a bit greener.

So why (if true, and that's a big IF) would the ADF join the Crye bandwagon? Not sure...but I throw it out there to our readers to fill in the blanks here.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A big thanks to Editor and blogger extraordinaire Ward Carroll for filling in for me while I'm taking some vacation time. I'll be posting here and there through the next week, but Ward will still be posting while I soak up some much-needed rays. And I'm glad to see you all dig his stuff...That's why he's the bossman...

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