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New Entry into the All-in-One Armor Race


Looks like the Israelis are thinking the same thing as Dick Marcinko's company Rogue Warrior Brand with their combo gear carrier/body armor vest called the Deflector.

Tipped off by our friends at Soldier Systems Daily about the Israeli company Agilite Tactical, we dove into their product offerings and found they're designing an armor carrier that had pouches already sewn on and can accomodate their "Modular Assault Pack."

The modular assault pack is included with all Tactical Hi-Vest ™ and Deflector ™ vests. and is an intrinsic part of the Agilite load bearing system.

Using the Modular Assault Suspension System (M.A.S.S.™) the assault pack attaches directly to the load bearing vest leaving no need for a separate assault pack or hydration system straps! It has ample space to carry a hydration system and ancillary equipment needed in combat. The modular assault pack is fully detachable for increased comfort and a flat back while operating a vehicle or carrying a rucksack on a longer mission.

The modular assault pack features an inner section ensuring that weight is kept in the top half of the pack even when the pack is far from full.

Internal webbing fastens over your hydration system keeping it in place and preventing any joggle.

The Modular assault pack is not sold separately.

It's not quite like the Duffel Vest Conversion Bag offered by Rogue Warrior Brand, but the Deflector seems to have a similar eye on the concept. There's little description of the Agilite vest on their site, but from the looks of it it the armor could be attractive to SWAT and military tactical teams who aren't worried so much about IEDs -- just front and rear shots.

The downside is that these pockets look as if their hard-wired to the vest, which cuts down on everybody's penchant for customization.

We'd love to hear from anyone who has first hand experience with Agilite products.

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