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FOB Salerno (Unsuccessfully) Attacked


Those who followed our embed coverage back in May know we spent a few days at Forward Operating Base Salerno in eastern Afghanistan.  FOB Salerno is a major support base that hosts the TF Rakkasan tactical operation center, the medivac helo detachment, the Red Horse artillery unit, and myriad other regionally important outfits.

FOB Salerno was attacked on Saturday, and we're pleased to report that ISAF sustained no casualties while 21 insurgents were killed.  According to the report the bad guys were dressed up in ACUs -- the same tactic they used when they attacked Bagram in mid-May.

So we pass "well done" to our friends at Salerno with the knowledge that they will remain vigilant as they continue the mission.

(Ward's Blackberry-cam photo:  View from media hooch across the wire at FOB Salerno looking towards Pakistan.)

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