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The makers of my newest favorite pastime while I'm not keeping this site from crashing into the ground have released an update that answers some of the requests we and other fans have been throwing their way.

Yesterday, ngmoco:) enabled my addiction to Eliminate: Gunrange by adding two new weapons and adding a reload feature so you don't have to wait until you're out of lead before a reload.

You'll see from the picture above that all you need to do is tap the reload button at the top when you're close to empty and you have a quick second and bam! you're back in business. The designers also added two new weapons: the H&K UMP-5 and the venerable lead-slinger, FN's M240 Bravo.

Still no word on whether they'll get into pistols. And the other thing I was thinking about is how complicated it would be to do a "tournament" round where you're doing a standard timed series of shots.

So far I've unlocked all the weapons, and while the SCAR and Styer AUG A3 are good, by far the most fun weapon to shoot is the M249 SAW...I could play it all day on that one.

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