Fantasy or Reality: The Hybrid Sniper/Assault Rifle


"Renound" British customized weapon designer Dalton/Stanley has released the world's first ever hybrid assault riflewith internal adaptable barrel that extends the weapon's reach into sniper range.

A specialized day/night optic integrates IR illumination, laser designator and visible light beam is mounted on top Picatinny rails.

the built-in computer measures air particles passing through three invisible beams projected from the front of the weapon. The computer uses this information to calculate wind direction and velocity, resulting in it being able to provide the user with a more accurate alternative target for the shot, presented on the scope's viewfinder.

The so-called A/SRH C-1 has a built-in bipod, extendable butt stock and 30-shot 5.56 magazine.

According to the manufacturers, the quick-change sniper barrel extension simply twists into place...

There are 2 barrels; one standard and one that is housed directly underneath it. The 2nd barrel is redundant until sniper-mode in enabled. The standard barrel extends forwards and locks, and then the 2nd barrel slides up into it's place via an internal mechanism. A rotation of the second barrel screws the two barrels together firmly, creating the solid extended sniper barrel you see here. The join/seam is too small to affect the passage of projectiles (the seam is ~20μm).
Real? Fake? Computer animation or a no joke boom stick. I'll let Kit Up! readers be the judge of that. Whether fantasy or reality, the A/SRH C-1 is a pretty sweet looking gun...

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