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Balad Field Hospital Museum: Video Tribute

For many readers of this blog, the place conjures a host of memories.

My first time in Balad was July of 2003 when I visited with 3/7 Cav after they'd taken over part of the base during the invasion and secured the 4th ID headquarters there for the beginning of the occupation. Then it was Camp Anaconda.

Next Balad became the place of broken bodies, healing and death as the war took a turn for the worse and almost every trooper who was severely wounded went through the field hospital, which quickly became a MASH on steroids. The incredible bravery and heroism of the medical personnel there saved more lives from heinous wounds than in any other war in history.

That's what the Balad field hospital exhibit at Walter Reed is meant to do: remind those of us who have some connection to Balad of the sacrifice and triumph that happened behind its Hescos, Jersey Barriers and tent canvas. Our boy Glenn Anderson shot a great video of the exhibit, and I invite Kit Up! readers to remember the sacrifice of those who passed through Balad as patients or saviors.


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