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I really don't consider myself much of a "gamer" -- I'm too ADD to concentrate for very long on one thing before  getting bored or frustrated and moving on. But occasionally, I run across something that just grabs my attention and quickly becomes an obsession.

As you all know well by now, I am addicted to my iPhone and am always surprised at the power of the little device to do almost anything (except change diapers, cook dinner or mow the lawn). I have a few games on there but I recently found one that has become an obsession -- my last one being Trinity Games' AC-130 Spectre.

ngmoco's Eliminate: Gun Range is an easy game to dive in and out of when you have a spare ten minutes or want to clear your head. The cool thing about it is that it takes advantage of the iPhone 4's gyroscope, creating an incredibly realistic movement during aim and shoot. After playing it a while, you actually start to swing your head and move your body involuntarily to get eyes on.

The game has 12 levels for each unlockable weapon (purchased by earned credits based on range performance), which includes straight up indoor scenarios and outdoor urban ranges. The game includes the M-60, PKM, M-4, AK-47, MP-7, Famas, Steyr and the SCAR Mk-16 (and more). Each weapon has particular characteristics that make it more or less accurate, fire in different modes (burst, single shot, full auto) and reload slow or fast.

Some improvements I hope will come down the pike are the addition of pistols to the armory and the ability to reload at will rather than wait for an auto reload when the mag is empty. Other than that, I don't think it would be worth fooling with the elegant simplicity.

There will always be someone who says "it's not realistic enough" or "it's too easy" or "the graphics suck" -- but from this sometimes gamer's perspective, I'm pretty confident Kit Up! readers will get a kick out of the app. And it's free, so what the heck...

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