The SCAR Can't Buy This Kind of Publicity


In this summer's blockbuster movie Inception, it's clear that director Chris Nolan knows his weaponry and gear.

Our good friends at Soldier Systems posted a shot of the Maxpedition Kodiak Gear Slinger pack worn by co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (playing fellow dream stealer Arthur). You'll remember Maxpedition is popular with trained Hollywood killers, as we noted a few months ago

Well, it seems that Cobb's (Leonardo DiCaprio) gun slinging fixer has excellent taste in weaponry as well.

In the scene where the team jumps into the first level of Robert Fischer Jr.'s (Cillian Murphy) dream, a firefight erupts outside their hideout in an abandoned garage. When it comes time to throw down some lead, Arthur shoulders his Mk-16 SCAR and lets 'er rip.

It took me a few rewinds to make sure it was a 16 rather than a 17, but sure enough, it's a 16. You can't buy this kind of publicity...or maybe you can?

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