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SureFire Adds Mini and Micro Suppressors to Lineup


We were impressed with the SureFire's MB556 muzzle brake-- with its controllability and flash attenuation -- during our shootout at ITI back in April. So it stands to reason that SureFire's new Mini and Micro sound suppressors will be of similar quality and utility for tactical shooters, both civilian and military.

SureFire has done a good job explaining what a suppressor is supposed to do and some of the advantages in having one attached to your AR. And now, with one suppressor that's an inch shorter than its predecessor FA 556-212, the Minicould attract users who didn't want to add an extra six inches to their battle rifle but still want the noise, signature and dust mitigation that a suppressor offers -- and without a hit in accuracy.

SureFire's proprietary suppressor design not only reduces the sound levels and muzzle flash of a fired weapon, helping to protect an operator's hearing and keep his location concealed, it also typically increases projectile velocity and improves a weapon's accuracy. This is SureFire's philosophy of Total Signature Reduction™. Contrary to existing suppressor models, which typically degrade performance of a 1-2 MOA (Minute of Angle) rifle to 3-4 MOA-sometimes as much as 8 MOA, SureFire suppressors typically improve grouping sizes.
The company also now offers the Micro, which is an bantum 4" long. The model seems geared toward the last two "signature reduction" factors: muzzle flash and concealment.
At 4.0 inches long and 12.0 ounces in weight, the compact and lightweight SureFire MICRO suppressor is designed to attenuate the sound signature of a carbine or rifle to a safe level, as well as reduce the dust and flash signature while minimizing added weight and length to s host weapon with a 14.5" barrel or longer.
And oh by the way, attaching a SureFire supressor to your AR using a SureFire muzzle brake means no re-zeroing. Hello PEO Soldier Weapons...?

(Gouge: Tactical Wire)

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