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Some New ARs on the Shelves


A couple blogs that are Kit Up! friends posted some news on two new rifles that have hit the market recently.

First, the Tactical Wire writes that Larue Tactical has rolled out its new OBR 5.56. Some think that LaRue makes one of the most accurate battle rifles out there and the company isn't shy about touting their guns' capabilities.

A few days ago, one of the 16" rifles shot 12 consecutive 5-shot groups with Federal Gold metal match 77 grainers - the grand aggregate was 0.642" with smallest group being .xxx", largest of the 12 being 0.875".
It's still a direct gas system, so some piston advocates might shy away, but it seems worth giving a look. And, it's pretty pricey with the 16" barrel version coming in at just under $2K.

Also, our friends at Strike Hold passed along to their readers an announcement that the civilian version of the Adaptive Combat Rifle (which used to be the Magpul Masada) is now shipping from Bushmaster.

Some Kit Up! readers might remember that we had the opportunity to learn about both versions of the ACR (civ and mil) at this year's SHOT show. It's an impressive piece of gear that a lot of people are talking about it -- particularly its purported ability to change from a 5.56 to a 7.62 6.8 or 6.5...and with news that FNH is touting the Mk-17 conversion kit for it's SCAR program, the era of "adaptable" rifles may truly be upon us.

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