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Slam Cam: Body Armor Save (Redux)


As usual, the readers of Kit Up! provide awesome insight and added value to one of our posts.

On yesterday's piece about the WikiLeaks citation of a guy getting wacked by a sniper in the chest and the round not penetrating, we got a couple great first-person comments and a link to a really well done History Channel package on that medic who got shot and got back up and treated the Iraq sh&t bag who tried to kill him.

Willie writes how he was sold on the heavy, hot body armor (which at the time he was writing about, was still a pretty Gucci item)...

I was in Iraq in 2003 with the 173rd Airborne. We all complained about body armor and heat till we saw a squad mate's SAPI plate stop two consecutive rounds of 7.62x39 at a range of about 4m.
And JAV knows what they mean when they say "multi-hit protection"...
While I was in Iraq in 2008, a guy from my unit was hit from close range by four 5.56 rounds fired by an Iraqi soldier who went for the AQ bonus money. 3 hit the plate in the back of his vest and did not penetrate. The fourth round entered under the left arm and exited the left chest. He was back on duty in a month.
Unbelievable...And Lucas zaps us the link to this awesome video deconstructing the shot seen round the world (I love the panicking insurgents talking on the camera...I sure as hell wouldn't want to be them)...

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