New Wound Care Zaps Cuts Closed


First there was Quick Clot. Now there's Procellera.

A tipster sent Kit Up! an interesting story on a new wound care product that uses electric conductivity to help wounds heal more quickly. It's a patch that docs apply to a wound surface (or even in deeply impacted wounds) and cover with a clear plastic film that uses electric conductivity to help wounds heal and keep infectious microbes out.

Procellera™ is a sterile, single layer dressing consisting of a proprietary blend of elements that are held in position on the polyester with a biocompatible binder. It is self-contained, wireless, and can be cut to fit. No external power supply is required. The device is activated in the presence of a conductive fluid, which may come from wound exudate or exogenous fluids including saline. When activated, the presence of adjacent positive and negative charged cells spontaneously produce a sustained predetermined current of specific depth similar to the current that occurs at areas of skin injury in normal hosts.
The web site for Procellera has some pretty graphic pics and another video on how to actually apply the bandage, but the following vid basically shows how it works. Our tipster adds that "I recently got some of the Warrior Wound Kits to add to jump bags - while it seems like some real voodoo going on, these things really do work. Amazing!"

As far as Kit Up! is concerned, any way to help heal wounds quicker and better is big news for us. Remember, we're not just about guns and gear here...Corpsman Up!

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