New Russian Camo Spotted


A Kit Up! reader sent me a link to a photo gallery of a new Russian army camo that seems a bit of a throw back to Cold War DDR duds.

The new uniform appears digital, but is a dark woodland brown and green that could limit its usefulness in combat situations other than fighting in forests.

Though the soldiers modeling the uniforms in the photo gallery look like they're 12 years old, there are a few details here that indicate the Russians had put some thought into the design. Like their American counterparts, the Russians look as if they're starting to wear knee pads and almost everyone's got body armor on. The helmets look more like US designs than the Soviet bucket from WWII. You'll also see some detailing in the material makeup of the blouses and trousers that make them look a little Crye-ish.

The camos are interesting -- especially since we reported the Alpha guys wearing MultiCam -- but by far my favorite is the one with the grey coveralls and FR bandana. Just an AK and a dagger...he don't need nuthin' else!

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