EMA Introduces Programmable Pop Up Target


EMA Tactical has developed a new pop up target system that instructors can program to go down with specific hit counts, hit areas or time (5.56 detractors'll love this feature).

This remotely controlled computerized target system allows the operator to program how long the target remains in an upright position based on time and or number of hits.
The target comes with a rechargable battery and can be armored for rifle shooting and can even be operated with a remote for long-range sniping practice.
There are three styles of targets, single area targets, two area targets with a body and a periphery, and three area targets with a head, a body and a periphery. For example, with the different target styles, the range instructor can program the system to stay upright for 2 seconds or 1 hit to the head portion of the target and 2 hits to the body portion.
EMA tactical says the actual target plates will last about 300 rounds before needing to be replaced. Looks like a step above the old steel plate pop ups -- but will this thing deliver the satisfying "ping" of a traditional one? For $2,500 it'd better!
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