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Army Looking for Three Camos

Our friends over at Soldier Systems Daily had an interesting post on the Army's progress in Phase IV of their camo search.

According to a new RFI posted on FedBizOpps, the Army is asking industry to provide the service with their ideas for three different camo schemes to cover woodland/jungle, desert and so-called "transitional" (which could mean a garrison UCP or urban scheme). The Army also wants to see ideas for a universal pattern for all body armor and other gear that a Joe would wear, presumably so Soldiers wouldn't have to switch out their OTVs for each environment.

The Rangers have done well in the past with their Ranger Green gear and the Corps works well with their coyote brown stuff as well.

This is a huge deal and could mean the service has thrown its hands up and gone back to the idea of a spread of camos for different battlegrounds. But it also could mean the service looks at all these patterns and goes "let's stick with just one."

We'll see. But it'll be awesome to watch what industry comes up with.

And good on SSD for picking this out.

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