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The Weapon of McChrystal's Replacement


...that's just assuming he's let go or resigns after this controversial Rolling Stone article.

In a desperate attempt to cash in on the crisis -- and with few angles of the story to grab onto for a "gear blog" -- Kit Up! wants to survey its readers on what kind of weapon Afghan War Commander McChrystal's replacement will shoot...that is IF (and I think that's still a big IF) he is out of a job soon.

We're looking into names, but instead, let's look at that person's potential preferred primary weapon to prognosticate what branch the guy might come from.

  1. Socom Combat Assault Rifle (Navy SOF)
  2. Heckler & Koch 416 (Army SF)
  3. M4 (Army)
  4. M-16A4 (Marine)
  5. JDAM/M4 w/10" Barrel (Air Force)
  6. TLAM/Beretta (Navy)
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